the Beijing hutong Tours together the most meticulous lines and strategy.


Beijing Bicycle Tour

Three thousand six hundred famous hutong and not famous hutongs, countless". Hutong is Beijing's culture characteristic, is also the root of old Beijing, to feel the taste of old Beijing, hutong is an essential travel, bicycle is the best means of transportation. Below, we look at the Beijing hutong Tours together the most meticulous lines and strategy.

Route feature

Embark on a bike, free walk through the alley in Beijing to experience the unique old Beijing Hutong culture.

Circuit design

Beihai Park → Jingshan Park → Nanluoguxiang → Pipe Byway → pipe Byway → Bell Tower → Drum Tower → Lama Temple → Imperial College → Shichahai (Houhai) → Gongwangfu → Mei Lanfang Memorial

Cycling routes

Diananmen - Nanluoguxiang - Pipe Byway - Shichahai Hutong


Diananmen - From here early in the morning, the northeast corner of which is "Chinese snack bar outside world", recommended Bean, coke ring, sauce fried beef, corn cake. Haidong northbound along the front, that is to the rear Bridge. The bridge is in the Yuan Dynasty and the guardian of the Grand Canal and the connecting terminals Jishuitan water transportation hub.

1, along attractions: Beihai Park, Jingshan Park

2, along Cuisines: Wan Hing home

3, Food Recommended: Dalian fire, Fried sausage

4, shop: Gulou East Street

5, users Comments: Love to be here a big reason is that as long as the shop door open, can always eat rice. Eat dalian fire must be careful not to munch, generally eat thirty-two sufficient. Here there are about 20 kinds of varieties, fried sausage to eat well worth recommending, porridge is free, every day is not the same species. Listen to "one night in Beijing", Tiananmen Square was back, back to the Drum Tower Drum Tower Tiananmen Square kind of like the old feelings, gossip you walk along the sea after it was wonderful to enjoy ah. Kind can not be said for the Drum to miss, once so many happy days spent in this, and now really want to go back and look.


Nanluoguxiang Bridge over the post, went to Di'anmenwai Avenue, across the street is the backbone Luoguxiang south alley group, like most of a centipede. Here you can explore in order to Chaodou alley - Mill Lane - East Cotton Alley - Yuer alley - cap child alley - Qinlao alley - black sesame alley - after the round en Temple alley - Ju children alley.

1, attractions along the way: Lama Temple, Imperial College, Bell Tower, Drum Tower

2, along the food: Wenyu Cheese let people spread the word as shops, "Wen-yu" Nature has its own unique secrets - colored dairy mellow inexpensive. Store about a dozen kinds of colored milk to flavor cheese, buttermilk and sour plum dry children with the most authentic. Elders who said that because there are strict tuning (although shop shop soon, but their ancestral craft of cheese, nearly a hundred years of history), which taste a hundred years ago, compared with almost exactly right. 10 square meters of bungalows, glass freezer doubles as a counter, divided into "front shop" pattern. His living room can only be placed under the two tables, plus five or six loose seat, barely able to entertain a dozen guests. Customers are mostly the immediate neighborhood or a student, there are many customers are attracted to the gluttonous.

3, the store recommended: Original cheese, sour plum

4, shop: No.49 Nanluoguxiang

5, users cool hot Comments: Mannings town water under the bridge do not know when the beast is on fences ~ Although unsightly, but also so many tourists to ride on top of the ~ pictures of this street south tower, has always been busy, this is my authentic Guilin Rice Noodles frequented places, my favorite place shredded bamboo rice - and then point a sour beans alone.


Pipe Byway alley across from the daisy child, came Chaoyangmennei street, then by Mill Lane riding a ride out into the West Side, went to Ann Jiong Wai Avenue, the street is the famous pipe Byway.

1, will go to:

① Naxi mother: feelings from Lijiang, Yunnan is a specialty clothing store, shop furnished with an array of Naxi ancient handicrafts, crisp ear Abu bell, craft unique silverware, silverware, ancient Dongba embroidery, crafted The wood products, as well as the unique shape of Dongba small jewelry, each piece is full of Naxi culture. Here is like a trip to Lijiang, like vulgarity, enjoy peace and quiet. Address: No. 14 pipe Byway

② Fairview • piety: the joy of embracing creativity urchin To pipe Byway must mention the store, because it is too famous. A "OBA MAO" T-shirt let this shop designer Liu Mingjie famous lakes. In fact, those who know him know that he had been very famous, but in this matter before the people are not so much concerned about it. "Creative urchin" is the most appropriate name for him. Full of creativity would not have said, a small store all the goods come from his ideas, read a variety of buzzwords cups, bags printed with all kinds of funny language, a variety of retro-style clothing, etc., never let you Surprise. "Naughty" is his attitude to life, had never seen such a happy person, from the greeting, he's no stopping the laughter, the kind of hearty laughter and full of confidence from the heart, his friends around a certain For he is very happy. Address: No. 20, pipe Byway

③ The One: endless creative sides Enjoy design, Hazel Hall, Gift One is The One brand from Taiwan original design concept shop, so we put together a presentation. The One is a lifestyle brand, the pursuit of beauty for the purpose of life, the spring of 2003 by a dissident manifesto Ltd. was established in Taipei, Taiwan. Pipe Byway Sanjiadian they opened last November, is their first attempt on the mainland. We can look into the store yo.

④ Shichahai: than the sea but also "big" after the sea, perhaps, in the minds of Beijingers, after the sea, though not the sea, but the sea, but also than the real "big." It also gives a wall of pipe Byway adds infinite charm. Secluded moving Shichahai, surrounded by ancient alleys, with rival Spring Lake, Qinhuai summer and autumn seasons Dongting different style. Barbecue season, burst belly photos, old delicacy is unforgettable. After overseas have Gongwangfu and Soong Ching Ling Wai, Guo, Xu Beihong, former residence of Mei Lanfang, and many other celebrities, is absolutely Tachun good place to visit.

⑤ pipe Byway Inclined pipe style quite demon, a lot of exotic shops, what has sold, clothing, decoration, jewelry, small restaurants, as well as a place to sell comic books. The famous "barbecue season" also inside, lunch can be resolved here.

2, users cool hot comments: Maybe this day is the weekend, most Beijingers went to the suburbs, this small street looked deserted, but I really like this empty feeling, my mood suddenly unfold, even footsteps are becoming light up. Out of the pipe Byway one saw the Yin Ding Bridge. Yin Ding Bridge located in Xicheng District Shichahai after the sea front between the sea and waterways, is a north-south trending hole stone arch bridge, so called because of the shape silver bullion Yin Ding Bridge.